A way to go for the gaming lovers in 2016, there is an app called ShowBox which can help you stream the videos on your mobile phones that also on a 24 x 7 run. The online streaming can be done for free so that one can enjoy gaming on this wonderful app. In present year, there are high spirited games waiting to get handled by you and then you can experience what fun it is to play on this app. Let’s check out why this app is so efficient for your usage and there are several reasons for that. Check out ShowBox for iPhone and iPad.


  • This app is compatible with the Android and iOS phones.
  • One can use this app to watch various types of movies, TV series, listening music and plying games as well
  • This app can be used even to watch everything for free
  • You will get to watch the shows and play the games in HD quality
  • The app can be enjoyed while you are moving or even during your journey
  • The downloading techniques are simple

Which games can be played on this app?

Several games belonging to different categories can be played very skillfully on this app. After all, this app can provide you with the best possible speed to play such amazingly high class games. The games can be of different genres, for instance:


  • Games based on tower defense which can be played on android phones
  • RPG games
  • Games which have endless runners
  • Action packed games
  • Games on racing
  • Games on fighting series
  • The games which require you to play with strategy

Other than these online games, there are offline games as well which can be played very dexterously after downloading them on high speed.

Which apps are the trendiest ones?

A number of apps have emerged in the recent years include the following ones which are the most downloaded ones:

  • Nike training club: An app for fulfilling the needs related to the workout and helps you schedule them as well.
  • Evernote: This app is meant to help you access the text data, voice data and photos from other devices easily.
  • Near+Now: Through this you can check out the best restaurants in you locality.
  • MovieBox - A free media streaming app that allows you to get access to unlimited movies and TV shows for free.

Some famous android games

There are several games as well which are very famous on android platform:

  • Star wars: One can play well with the characters of the new film.
  • Unkilled: A zombie game
  • FIFA 16: Play the new game like a football zealot.

Some famous offline games

There are several games which you can download and then play at some later point when you are free from your work. One of the most awaited and downloaded games remains that of ridiculous fishing which can be played offline. In this game, you just have to shoot the fish out through the arsenals and then you don’t have to just stop at catching the fishes from the water. There are several gaming platform available throughout and there are plenty of games as well.